Shawn Winsor

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Cohen, SR. and Winsor, S. (2020). Good Intentions: An Examination of the Legal and Ethical Harms Caused to Donor-Conceived People and Ova Donors in Canada by its Criminalization of Compensated Gamete Donation, and Proposed Remedies. Health Law in Canada. 40:3. 82-95

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Vanstone, M., Yacoub, K., Winsor, S., Giacomini, M., & Nisker, J. (2015). What is “NIPT”? Divergent characterizations of noninvasive prenatal testing. American Journal of Bioethics Empirical Bioethics. 6(1):54-67.

Winsor, S., Bensimon, C. M., Sibbald, R., Anstey, K., Chidwick, P., Coughlin, K., Cox, P., Fowler, R., Godkin, D., Greenberg, R.A., & Shaul, R. Z. (2014). Identifying Prioritization Criteria to Supplement Critical Care Triage Protocols for the Allocation of Ventilators during a Pandemic Influenza. Healthcare Quarterly (Toronto, Ont.), 17:2, 44-51.

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